A question-Are we in control of our civilization?

A question-Are we in control of our civilization?

Finding our way home

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding”. (Albert Einstein)

Do we know where civilization is going?

Do we ever think about what kind of civilization we would like to create here on Earth? What long-term plans have been put into place to try and build a global existence of peace, harmony and balance for all? Is this something we even think about? If so, how do we go about this? There are 7+ billion people living on earth chasing a dream of a better lifestyle than presently living. Is it possible that we can reach an existence of harmony, balance and peace while on our present trajectory?

I need convincing on this. So I’ve decided to take a chance here and step out on a limb and try to get some clarity on where our civilization is going; to see if we are really heading towards a civilization where world peace is the predominant goal. At this point in time, I feel that our Mother-ship is in rough and dangerous waters. It feels like the captain and crew are not in control. Or possibly something worse is afloat that we, the general population, are unaware of. To me, our Mother-ship feels like she’s badly off course and that she needs rescuing.

Am I alone with feeling this kind of energy? I would like to find out. So, if anyone else is wondering where our earthy ship is heading, please join me here.

With 7+ billion diverse people living on Mother Earth, that gives us 7+ billion ideas, thoughts, suggestions to explore. It also means it’s really important we remember to have respect, acceptance, trust and a sense of equality towards everyone.

What just happened?

Talk about life veering off track. Funny how life is, I was just following my path, dealing with stuff at that time in my life. We were selling our home on Vancouver Island and moving to Mexico where we were buying a place and setting up a business. My headspace was floating in between two different cultures. I was trying to navigate through all the legalities and challenges when suddenly Covid hit the world. I found myself stumbling and tripping over boulders that suddenly appeared leaving me feeling confused and disorientated.

When I look back on the past couple of years it’s just a blur. I find it difficult to distinguish between Christmas and Easter celebrations and who was here and who was not. Then there were the different trips back to Canada, did I fly that time or drive, what months were those? It’s just all so hazy.

And now 2021 has gone and 2022 has rolled in, and I need to move on from the world of Covid. Unfortunately, it still feels like life is tumbling down an unsettled and unfamiliar path. It seems full of conflicts, confusions, fear and uncertainties. But I have become aware that my instincts are pushing me to explore a different path which I find I am very passionate about. So, I’m going to take this leap and explore this path to see where it will lead me to. I feel there’s an urgent need to venture down this path; I sense that society as a whole is at a critical crossroads. (https://fransjournal.com/2018/02/28/hello-is-there-any-body-out-there/)

Do we care?

First let me say, this is not about Covid. I believe this state we now find ourselves in could be a far bigger issue than Covid. It seems there are major challenges we are all facing. Climate change and its consequences for one. But there are other challenges creating havoc on our civilization. My sense is all these issues intertwine and contribute towards a foundational problem within our civilization.

I’ve thought long and hard about stepping onto this path. It’s been haunting me since all of this madness began back in 2020. I don’t think this will be a comfortable journey. But, if we say we “really care” about Mother Earth and all of civilization, I think we need to do a little exploring and take a closer look at our own roles and responsibilities that we all play. We also need to look at the responsibilities we allow our leaders and others in power to have; I believe these go hand in hand. (The tide is out, consequences are coming). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZNmdDv48xE

Please understand and respect what I’m about to share are my thoughts and experiences from my 66+ years of roaming this planet. It’s been a life full of adventures.

I will continue using Fran’s Journal – Weaving Cultural Trails website. Fundamentally the principles and values are the same. My mission statement remains the same, “To unite with our brothers and sisters of the world in acceptance, respect, trust and equality”; as do my vision, goals and objectives remain unchanged. https://fransjournal.com/

Hope, healing and peace for civilization

Please join me here and let us try and unravel and understand the world we are living in today. Let’s see if we can discover a path that will lead us to hope, healing and peace. Maybe there is a way to navigate our Mother-ship to a state of balance. This website is a place where we can all share our thoughts and ideas.

It’s a big topic, I know. I am not claiming to have the answers, I just have my perspectives and experiences that have brought me to where I sit today.

I ask that we remember that we do live with 7+ billion unique and diverse individuals who call Mother Earth home. This means we must remember that there are 7+ billion different ideas, thoughts, outlooks on everything. So please remember to be respectful and accept gracefully our diversity so we can build trust and foster equality with all of our brothers and sisters to try and find peace and balance for our civilization.



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