I know, I know…..

I harp on about freedom. Freedom to think, freedom to decide, freedom to speak, freedom to move. Do you want your freedoms to be controlled? 

I know that some people think that it is worth sacrificing one’s freedom in pursuit of safety.

Now we have to contend with the new fear of mis, dis, mal information. It’s always been there, but now it has become an issue. Why?

I’m not sure that the folks that agree with losing freedom for the greater good, have really thought this through.

As it stands, we in the west have already sacrificed a lot of our freedoms in the name of “safety”. But can we honestly say it has made a lot of difference?  An example being – to me it seems we are living more and more in a world where we need passwords and now we need verification codes and things to access our stuff. 

Why is this? Is our world that much scarier and unsafe? Or is there an ulterior motive to all of this? 

Controlled Freedom…….

Imagine if we did comply and move into a world where freedom is really controlled such as in China and North Korea. Is our “safety net” really worth that kind of sacrifice? Are we incapable of taking responsibility and taking care of ourselves, making our own minds up and deciding what is right for us?

Are our freedoms disappearing?……

We are beginning to see changes happening in regards to our freedom of speech. 

Canada has recently introduced bill C-18.

Great Britain has also passed a law restricting freedom of speech. (Just right click on picture and request new tab).

The USA’s new restrictions on freedom of speech.

The European Union is also in the process of taking more control away from us.

Some of you may agree with all of this. 

A good question to ask is “why” are they doing this?

Let’s just take a look at this…..

The big thing that comes to my mind over all of this is, do we really know who is telling the truth? Who is spreading mis, dis or mal information?

Knowing the truth has become more and more of a challenge. A great example of this is COVID. We were all locked up for months because of the Covid virus. We were told that there was no treatment for this virus. We had to stay in our homes or behind a mask until the vaccine became available. Many people died from the virus during that period; at least that is what they have told us. 

There is another story out there……..

There were and still are medical specialists and people working in hospitals that were telling us that the numbers of people dying from Covid were absolutely inflated. We have been told that hospitals received money for each patient that died from Covid regardless of whether they actually did die from Covid or something else. We were also being told that patients were admitted into hospital with something else and then contracted Covid while in hospital and died.

All these deaths went down as Covid deaths. Some countries actually admitted that the final numbers of Covid deaths were inflated. 

Who is spreading mis, dis or mal information here?

Covid Treatment…….

We were told that there was no treatment for Covid. Mainstream media came out and called Ivermectin “horse medicine”. But they didn’t tell us that there is also “human” Ivermectin that is widely taken and a very safe drug which has been on the market since the early 70’s.

Did you know that Ivermectin is taken for many issues, such as a treatment and preventative for river blindness & parasites? 

These drugs are widely used in Africa. Did you know that Covid was not an issue in Africa except South Africa? Why? Because many people take Ivermectin for parasites and river blindness as well as Hydroxychloroquine as a malaria preventive. This is another drug which was initially reported to work on Covid and then boo-hooed. Probably because Trump came out and promoted Hydroxychloroquine as a Covid treatment!

Both of these drugs were heavily banned in the Western World during this covid period; so why was that?

Their reasons were that neither of these drugs were tested on Covid patients. I see 2 reasons why this answer really doesn’t make any sense. . 

  • Both of these drugs are known to be very safe. So why not test them on covid patients? Was it not worth trying something out rather than waiting for a vaccine and hoping you didn’t die while waiting.
  • The second crazy reason is the covid vaccines had not been tested and yet they made all of us wait untreated until these almost untested vaccines became available. Then the vaccine became the accepted way forward by the majority of people. It was heavily promoted, or it was made mandatory supposedly to prevent you from getting the virus. It was then downplayed to prevent one from getting too sick from the virus. The fact that this was the solution, even though at that time we had no idea what the outcome of this mass vaccine movement would result in, goes way beyond the safety rational.

How come it was acceptable to get the almost untested vaccine on this virus, but it was not OK to try proven medications as possible treatments that would not hurt you?

The aftermath…..

How many people died from this Covid vaccine or were left extremely ill? We have not been told the consequences of this vaccine decision yet. It will be interesting to see if we are ever told the truth of this outcome. 

What I’m trying to say is, it is so important to be able to do one’s own research. If we don’t have access to freedom of information or freedom of speech, we cannot make an honest and reliable decision on anything. 

We have no choice but to believe what our governments and others in power are telling us. At the end of the day, if we continue giving our freedoms away we will all find ourselves with no recourse. This to me sounds very scary as this is not healthy or safe at all for any of us. 

We need to be able to ask questions when things don’t feel right, or if we don’t understand something, or we see things in a different perspective. We are born with free-will. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought are essential to forward movement for every individual. No one has the right to take this freedom away from us.

The only way it is possible to give up our freedom is for us to willingly and blindly agree with what we are being told and just quietly comply and not ask questions or do our own research.  

Again, who is spreading mis, dis & mal information? Once our freedoms are gone, I don’t know how we get them back; the law will control us more and more and we will lose our ability to believe in ourselves and to be responsible for our lives.

Please comment…..

I would love to hear your thoughts on your freedom verses Governments having the power to have more and more control over us.

Please share this if any of this resonates with you as we still have that freedom to do so……………………..

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