Hello, Is there any body out there?

Hello, Is there any body out there?

Is this not the make-up of all cultures?

“The Land of Opportunity is a new way of dealing with each other. It becomes a reality when we stop judging each other by superficial criteria and begin to see and appreciate everyone as uniquely talented, capable, and valuable.”
~BJ Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt

Hello out there, this is Earth calling, is there anybody out there? I would love to have a channel of communication right here where we can share our traditions and cultures with each other. We live on a planet that is home to such intriguing and stunning diverse cultures. Lets show it off, and in the process meet new people, make new friends and learn new ideas and ways of life. Lets go on a journey to broaden our imagination and while on this expedition lets see how two heads or more can come up with solutions facing the many challenges harming Mother Earth and all her life forms.

I know, everyone thinks their birth place, their country, is the best place ever, but without a healthy Mother Earth non of us will have a healthy home or country to live in.  So lets use this healing process of getting to know one another in a fun way by introducing ourselves to our brothers and sisters of the world, and lets come together in “acceptance, respect, trust and equality”.

I like calling our planet “Mother Earth”.  She is home to us all and she nurtures and shelters us, just like mothers do; so to me she is “Mother Earth”.

Our population here on Mother Earth is somewhere around 7.6 billion people, that is a lot of people. I believe there are about 249 countries, big and small,  and each of these countries have their own ways of life, a variety of traditions, cultures and religions; some of which we know about, and many we don’t.

I’m going to start as far back as I can. I think this is important as it shows that we are of the same species, and supposedly we have come from the same place, and that no one is better than anyone else.

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