Truth and Freedom – part two

Truth and Freedom – part two

I don’t really know where to start with this discussion….. 

But I believe 100% we need to have a discussion on where we are being pushed and “nudged” to. Equally important is to start imagining what kind of world we want to create; what kind of world do we want to live in and to leave our children and grandchildren with? This globe belongs to 8 +/- billion inspiring, unique individuals and we all have an “equal” say in the kind of world we want to live in. 

  • Do “they” even have a right to control us the way “they” seem to be moving towards? 
  • Are we content, secure and confident within our world today?

Just trying to find a way to reach out and have a conversation with individuals on how we can move forward in peace is dangerous in today’s online world as it is not what “they” want. They do not want us coming together. Does this not raise red flags? 

I believe we are at a critical point in our evolution……

I believe we need to find a healthy, peaceful and respectful way forward and find common ground to stand united. Or we succumb to the loss of truth and freedom, and controlled by division. Where we lose the right to be an individual and where we no longer are responsible for ourselves and our families.

Is there a way forward? Can we start by……….?

  • Step 1 – Being willing to come together regardless of our political beliefs, our religious beliefs, our sexual beliefs, our color/race, or anything else that “they” are working hard at dividing us over. We have to stand together under the banner of – “Truth and Freedom for all” – they go hand in hand. Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated. “Respect, acceptance, trust ,and equality”. Can we build a foundation on those principals so we can try moving forward in peace? 
  • Step 2 – Having respectful and accepting conversations with neighbors, friends, family and others. Should we start questioning everything that is happening right now? Should we look to see what benefits we, the people, are getting from all these new policies, rules, mandates, laws etc. that are being enforced on us? Who is really benefiting from all of this?
  • Step 3 –  Let’s start educating ourselves by doing research and digging. There is no way we can avoid the shocking news that is being exposed on the other side of mainstream media’s reporting. Unfortunately, it is something we have to face in order to try to gain a greater insight and understanding of what is really going on. It’s not pretty or comfortable to realize that the majority of world governments and large multinational corporations are deeply corrupt, they are not living in our reality, and they are involved in resetting a global plan for us all that we have no say in or control over. 
  • I have not been able to figure out yet how many different power-hungry groups of political and other power-hungry gangs we have out there fighting for supreme power. I’m told it is not just one, but again, the truth is smeared, so that’s still a mystery to be unraveled!  

I do believe the longer we stay dormant in all of this, the tighter “their” noose will get, and the harder it will be to gain back our freedoms. Remember that knowledge is power.

Do we really need……..?

  • To have bills passed to control us in almost every aspect of our lives? Why are we so incapable of making decisions and taking responsibility for ourselves?
  • To have governments claim they know what is best for us? What kind of arrogance is this?
  • A government controlling our children and threatening parents of losing our kids if we don’t comply with “their” transgender teachings. How dare they?
  • To allow governments the right to have power over our kids to go through transgender procedures without parental consent? This makes no sense at all. There is a reason why kids cannot smoke or drink or vote until they come of age, and yet we stand back and allow our kids to go through major life changing procedures way before they become an adult!!!!!!  Seriously, every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle should be screaming about this.
  • Our children, and in-particular our very young children, have to learn about today’s different sexes and to also learn all the different sexual positions and tricks on performing sex. How much power are we prepared to give “them”? 

Should we demand to know the truth ……?

  • We need to understand, we are adults and we are capable of being 100% responsible for ourselves and our families. 
  • We need to take back our power, which they have stolen from us step by step for many, many years under the sneaky guise of “safety”.
  • We need to start believing in ourselves and doing our own research to make up our own minds rather than just blindly complying with government and mainstream media and “assuming they” are telling us the truth. 
  • We need to stand as one – a beautiful proud mosaic artwork of humanities individuality filled with color and diversity. 
  • We need to demand our independence and individuality so we can freely flourish.
  • We need to demand “they all” step down – Politicians, CEO’s, shareholders etc. of multinational corporations. We need to clean house and rebuild a reliable, trustworthy, transparent, healthy Democracy where everyone benefits, and where “the people” are involved in the direction of the creation of our New Earth.
  • We need to demand complete transparency with everything – the only way to the truth.
  • We need to demand to know the truth, so that we can put this into our history books as a reminder of what never to do ever again. 

How about a peaceful Healing revolution, if possible….?

What do you think about starting a “Healing Revolution”? 

  • Can we counter “their” weapon’s use of dividing us. 
  • Can we come together with all our differences and to stand freely as proud citizens of the world guided by respect, acceptance, trust, and a common goal of a world we all want to live in? 
  • Are we prepared to stand together as a wall of humanity and fight for Truth and Freedom? 

UNITED WE STAND, not divided we fall…..

I believe “they” are purposely using the “division” as their weapon, dividing and confusing us and purposely breaking down society as we know it today. What are “their” plans for us, and who gave “them” the right to take control of us and lead us around like sheep? 

I believe this could be one of the last opportunities we have to do something – the choice is ours. All the stars are lined up for change. We are on the cusp of a great evolutionary step forward if we are brave enough to step out.

The million dollar question is –

  • What choice are we going to make?
  • Are we going to step forward and start creating a world we want?
  • Are we brave enough to take this step?
  • Or are we going to continue staying dumb and numb and supporting a society that is crumbling; where “they” can only maintain “their” power by controlling us? 

No one is coming to save us….

But we are blessed with free will. Eenee, meenee, mynee mo, which path should we go?

If anyone reads this and feels the same concerns, confusions and distrusts of what is going on and wants to see change, please pass this on.  


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