I think it is safe to say that life has never been better. Sure, there are still people starving and living in poverty. There is still homelessness, addictions, mental illness and physical ill health. There are still wars happening. (

An overall glance at todays world.

  • The middle class is/was larger than ever before. 
  • The poverty line is/was shrinking and more and more people are/were becoming part of the middle class. 
  • We have not, “yet”, had another world war.
  • Life was, until recently, fairly stable.

But there is now a change in the air.

My question is, whatever this change is, is it fair, equal and positive for all of society?

In all my 68 years, I have never known such upheaval and crisis, one crisis after another since Covid appeared. It really does not feel normal. With each passing crisis, the one factor that is triggered and constant is fear. 

  • Fear of a nuclear war; 
  • Fear of civil wars starting; 
  • Fear of unknown viruses; 
  • Fear of climate change; 
  • Fear of the banks collapsing; 
  • Fear of losing ones home and become homelessness; 
  • Fear of a shortage of food; 
  • Fear of inflation rising more and more;
  • Fear of not being able to feed one’s family;
  • Fear of speaking your truth.

The fear list seems to just go on and on 

What I am not hearing or seeing from any of our politicians is anything positive on how to overcome all these challenges. Our politicians are supposed to be in control of our country and taking care of its citizens. Instead, it seems they have become first-class fear mongers. 

What I am seeing is more money being printed as we’ve run out of money. But this money is not going to the citizens that are in need of help. Instead this money, which we don’t have, is going to support wars. 

Why is this?

We are told we have to support these wars because Russia wants to take over Ukraine, or Hamas wants to destroy Israel. There could be some truth in some of this. But that does not answer the question of why are we sacrificing our own citizens for these wars? Is this positive for our own people?

How much more can we take? How much more are we prepared to take? 

Is it so difficult for us to acknowledge that something feels wrong? The air does not have a healthy, vibrant, trustworthy and confident smell to it. Surely, it’s becoming more obvious to all of us that our modern-world-system is not functioning properly, in particular, for the middle class and the underprivileged citizens worldwide. 

Here is another fear that we need to face.

This fear is directed more to folk living in the western-world, a world where corruption is not something we deal with or acknowledge on a daily basis. It’s not to say we are not aware of corruption, but it is difficult for us to believe that our own politicians and others in power are actively playing a game of corruption.

By acknowledging this possibility, it requires many of us to admit that we are all living a lie. I can understand why this is such a difficult step to take. I too have had to face this shocking and rocking reality. But burying one’s head in the sand does not get rid of our problems.

Mainstream media play a vital role in preventing us citizens from knowing exactly what is going on. Some of you may not agree with this statement. All I can say to this is, it is vitally important that we all step out of our comfort zone and do our own research instead of just believing what mainstream media and our politicians are telling us.

Now of course, I can hear the standard reasons why people are not prepared to venture down rabbit holes – “it’s full of conspiracies, misinformation, disinformation, malinformation“……. (malinformation, a new made-up word. What does it mean?)

Just for a second, look at the possibility that “they”, the people who hold the power, want us all believing it’s all conspiracy theories out there, so don’t look there. Rather, stay with mainstream media and stay in the dark and just quietly comply with what “they” want us to believe.

Why would mainstream media do that?

Well, just look at who sponsors your mainstream media. That is a clue. In my country, one of the main news broadcasters is supported by our Federal Government. So, if I want to keep my job, will I not just keep my head down and comply? That is corruption. Journalists and reports are supposed to be objective and seekers of the truth. 

Power, power, power…….

It all comes down to power and I think most of us can agree on that. 

My blog titled “Freedom – born to be free” (  talks about the importance of being a free citizen; it is our birthright. Without having one’s freedom to freely express oneself and to be authentic in our life prevents us from being……. free.

  • It prevents us from growing. 
  • It prevents us from being happy. 
  • It prevents us from knowing who we are. 
  • It prevents society from growing and evolving. 

So, without us having our freedom, what is the purpose of living our lives? 

  • What is going to motivate us? 
  • What is going to help us overcome our challenges? 
  • How are we going to understand who we really are?
  • How are we going to be happy and fulfilled?

Changes are coming

There is absolutely no doubt that humanity is moving into something brand new. I believe many of us are aware that we are moving out of the Piscean era and into the Aquarian era – just to mention one of the changes we’re facing.

What does this mean?

In very simple terms, it means the energies we are being hit with from the Universe are changing. Aquarian energy is more to do with –  “ The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. Concerned with equality and individual freedom, Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all“. (

The Piscean energy, that we have all been living with since the birth of Christ, flows a little differently –  “In Aion, Jung explored this symbolism and how it relates to history. He used the two fishes in the Pisces constellation to map the development of Christianity as the Age unfolded. 

  • The first fish relates to the birth of Christ and the growth of the early Church. 
  • The second fish relates to the downfall of Christianity and the rise of science and materialism.

True to Pisces dual nature, the first fish can be seen as Christ, while the second is the Antichrist.

The shadow side of Pisces can be seen in our destructive materialism as well as our longing for escape. It comes out in addictions of all kinds, masochism and guilt trips, propaganda and mass emotion, intolerance, dogmatism, and blind faith”. ( Is there anything familiar with any of this?

It seems we are going to be forced to change and adapt to new ways of looking at and living our lives. The challenge here is that Aquarian energy is: inclusive, compassion, growth, equality and freedom. 

These qualities, which are really exciting and motivating, are not in flow with what we are being exposed to by our governments these days, an example being – we have governments bringing in censorship for free speech on social media. Some of you may feel this is a good move. But, without free speech you never know who is speaking the truth. It seems the powers above are more interested in controlling us more and more under the guise of “safety”. (

I have a problem with this guise. Are we adults not capable of taking care of ourselves? Can we not think for ourselves and make our own decisions?

Are we not a Democracy?……

Is it not acceptable and preferable that we, the people, have a say in the direction we want our world to move in? Here we have the natural order of the Universe guiding us to evolve into a higher state of love, caring and support. Yet todays modern-world feels like it is closing down. 

So how are we going to navigate all of this?

Are we really going to allow our politicians and others in power to have this kind of control over us and to make decisions that affect us all?

None of us are allowed to have any say in any of this. None of us really know what is happening.

What kind of leaders do we have that believe it’s acceptable to change our world and “reset” some kind of philosophy and direction in life, and we, the people, have no say in any of these changes.

We have no idea where they are taking us and what the consequences of these changes are going to be. 

There are enough conspiracies and different theories out there on what we can expect, yet none of them sound like they are designed for individual growth and a healthy evolution for everyone. So why the secrecy?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this fact alone, makes me so very angry. Who has given “them” the authority to create plans that will change life as we know it, at least for all of us middle/upper class and underprivileged citizens? What kind of arrogance is this? And the madness of it all is that we blindly allow them to do it; no questions asked. 

Here is something you can research. It’s called ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship). It is a new alliance with many professionals that came together for a conference in London. Has mainstream media spoken about this new alliance?

The famous Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, is very involved in organizing this. Start your research here, all the speakers can be found on YouTube, and none of this was, or is, being hidden from the public.

Please feel free to comment below. I would really like to share thoughts on what kind of world you would like to be a part of creating. What kind of world do we want to create? What kind of world do we want to live in?

Please share this post if it resonates in any way with you.

Until Next Time. 



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