“United we Stand, Divided we Fall” (Aesop)

This wise quote has never been truer……. 

Hello, I thought I would come back and share some thoughts. I’m not sure why I stopped writing, maybe because it felt like I was talking to myself ; no one was responding. The idea here is to have a conversation, in particular in today’s world. I’m sure you can see that there are a lot of very strange things happening. 

Naturally I don’t know what your thoughts are with all of this strangeness. But, I know I’m concerned for all of us. I don’t claim to know what the truth is, and I’m as confused as everyone else over all the strangeness. But I do know we are not being told the truth. The deeper we keep falling into whatever pit “they” are pushing and “nudging” us into, the more concerned I become.

Are all of us little hamsters, caught in a “catch 22 hole”…..? 

On one side of all this strangeness is what mainstream media are telling us and what our politicians are portraying to us. 

On the other side of all of this strangeness we have independent journalists and reporters and podcasters reporting either completely different information or a different perspective to what mainstream is claiming. 

Misinformation, disinformation, malinformation ….. Who really is the culprit?

Who and what are we supposed to believe? I can’t help thinking that if all the mis/dis/mal information is coming from the so called “dark” side of the news, why then are our politicians not standing up and fighting for the truth? Instead they are closing down free speech and destroying peoples lives. This is a strangeness.

Of course, we are led to believe that information found anywhere except mainstream media are conspiracies. This too is proving false as much of these “conspiracies” , particularly in the past 4 years, are now proving true! 

*Please take note here, there are still a lot of excellent reporters to be found on YouTube who bring their research to support what they are reporting. Does this suddenly make everything clear on what the truth is? No, but it broadens ones horizon and strengthens our knowledge base – “knowledge is power”. We all have the ability to use common sense and critical thinking.

Is our mainstream media reporting the whole truth and nothing but the truth……..?

I understand that many of us are still only listening to mainstream media and refuse to dig any deeper. 

Are there any issues with these strategies…….?

  • You only know one side and you are blindly trusting that side. 
  • You are convinced that private journalism and reporting etc. is all conspiracy.
  • You are getting caught up and convinced of what the mainstream media are telling us.
  • You have chosen to not listen to any news and just live your life quietly.

With the last strategy, “not listening to any news and just living life quietly”, I have thought about this and seriously wondered if this is the right way to go. I have family and friends following this strategy. Unfortunately for me, this does not sit well within my stomach. You see, truth and freedom for me is my birth-right, without truth and freedom, which go hand in hand, you cannot breathe. So, living my life quietly and not fighting for what is essential – humanity’s right to live and breathe freely, – is allowing “those people”, who are trying to control us, to continue down whatever path they have planned for us.

Here are some topics to ponder on……..

Please understand that I am not on the right or the left or the center….. I have only one goal and that is for truth to be exposed and humanity to have freedom.

  • I don’t think we can argue that “they” have a big plan to change how society is run. We are now beginning to see changes happening. “They” have come out and told us “they” are resetting everything. Why are we not even involved, as equal partners, in any of these overall plans and decisions that affect all of us?
  • I.e. the passing of Bills C 11 & 18 in the Canadian government where public speech is being shut down and monitored. This too is happening in the US, the UK, and I believe Europe and Australia. “They” are working hard at destroying peoples lives who are speaking out and exposing information we are not being given through the mainstream. Just look up Russell Brand and Laurence Fox. Both these individuals have been accused of stuff and their livelihoods have been destroyed overnight – they have been condemned as guilty – the standard understanding of “Innocent until proven guilty” has no meaning anymore. You may agree that these two are guilty, but there is no proof yet. Just put shoe on the other foot. What if you are the accused one before “proven guilty” just because you don’t agree with today’s norm and you discover there is no safety net for you either? ( (Scroll to the beginning of video, I can’t clear it).
  • The shutdown of oil production in Canada, the US and Europe in the name of reaching net zero emissions. If climate change is as serious as they are claiming it is, why is there no major push to save our rainforests – are these not our lungs and do the rainforests not clean our air? “They” should be focused on a massive effort to re-educate us on our lifestyle spending habits. Again, if climate change is as serious as they claim, then, is it not our spending habits and our lifestyles we have all adopted causing all the problems? But so far, I have not heard anything on either of these issues. Instead “they” are warning us that there will be major food shortages and deaths this winter because of the shortage of fuel. Does this make any sense?
  • How about the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline? Why did the US do that, and then blame Russia? Why would Russia blow up their own pipeline? That makes no sense. Did mainstream media report that it is very likely to be the US who is responsible for this environmental devastation? 

Here are some more issues to question…..

  • One of the biggest changes, I think, is the breakdown and division of humanity. How we have become afraid to speak our truth. How families and friends are divided on what is really happening. Yet no one knows what the truth is, yet so much division is occurring. What kind of sense is any of this, except to intentionally divide us? Think on that!
  • How about the constant clown shows we are being presented with – such as Canada’s tattered international reputation. The Canadian Liberal party and their big “Ooops, we didn’t know we had a Nazi in the House Of Commons”. How come they didn’t know this, is it not their job to know this? Canada’s relations with India and the pronouncement that cocaine was found on Trudeau’s plane and that he was too high to attend dinner. ( (You need to scroll through Redacted intro until you reach 33.10 and then the show begins). 
  • How about Biden and all his strangeness – shaking hands with no one, saying things he shouldn’t be saying, saying stuff no one can follow – and the Democrats want him to run again!!!  How strange is that? How about Biden and Hunter Biden’s computer and all the corruption and dirt that has been uncovered and how “they” worked very hard to bury all of this. How much has mainstream reported on this? What strangeness is this?
  • How about Mainstream media world-wide news being run or funded by either governments or large corporations; check out the sponsors. Have you noticed it doesn’t really matter which station you watch, basically they all say the same thing. How objectionable is that? 
  • How about your own country – stand back and take a look at it – are your leaders making it a priority to spend the necessary money to take care of all the troubles and desperation within your country? What kind of money are they spending to help alleviate all the problems? 
  • Here is a little insight into the US governmental organization “You’re Not Going To Believe This!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Outraged Over Spending Priorities- A member of the congress in the US speaking out.

As I said earlier, I don’t know the truth, but by burying my head in the sand, is the same as cooperating with “them” and allowing whatever “they” have planned for us, which “they” are keeping very close to “their” chests. Is that not very strange?

One other point….

  • Our kids are being brainwashed as we sit here. This is the only chance we have of taking some kind of action to restore freedom. After this, society will be well on their way to a whole different existence that we have no control or say over. Again, another strangeness.

What say you? 

  • Does this all sound healthy?
  • Do you really believe you are being told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 
  • Are you really content and secure in your life?
  • Most importantly – Are you sure we are leaving a free and healthy and peaceful world for our children and grandchildren to inherit? 

To be continued…….


7 thoughts on “TRUTH AND FREEDOM – part one

  1. Very true and very well written.
    I have been traveling Europe and I notice a lot of people use there phone to pay ,not cash,not a card,

    So two things what happened when you lose your phone.and what would happen when the internet is knocked out by,you know who.

    1. Hi Dana, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and make a comment. Please share this blog if you connect with it’s message. Gracias senor.

      1. You make a very important point about this reliance we have with our phones and the online world especially banking. We have allowed our lives to become intertwined with phones and computers and of course the real threat of being hacked. All for convenience, but on the other side of that, we have become dulled and numbed by these conveniences.

  2. So much to dig in to and so little time left to get it right. I continue to ponder whether the human species has run its course and that it is now destined for extinction. Regardless, I do believe the road ahead to going to be a rough one and learning how to love ourselves and our neighbors may be what gets us through.

    1. Loving and respecting others and ourselves is a very important step.

      What I find so sad is, as such a privileged species, meaning our ability to have freewill and advancement as a species, we now seemed destined to become extinct.
      It seems animals don’t bring their own species to extinction, we humans do that for them!!!

      Maybe this is what has happened time and time again with other civilizations. We reach a point of self destruction – hence the path we are on.

      But, as you know, right now we have all the astrological energies and support on our side to reinforce us and lead through this time allowing us to evolve to the next level.
      To waste this opportunity and allow the elitists and their “bands of merry power-hungry thieves” to lead us to extinction is sad beyond words.

      I don’t want to come back here and start a civilization all over again.
      We can transcend this and evolve to another level of existence.
      I believe we are supposed to be doing that. But as a society we seemed to have become very spoilt and addicted to conveniences making us numb.

      Unfortunately we have given away so much of our freedom to live in a world of so called “safety”. By doing this we have allowed the powers above to control us and we don’t even question their moves and motives. Insanity at it’s highest level.

  3. A great article with very strong points of discussion that everyone should be questioning. Unfortunately, far too many people don’t want conflict at the family dinner table, and as such, most people do not want to discuss the controversial topics like politics, religion, or even the conspiracy theories that are being exposed as truths… and as such, the world now finds itself herded as sheep being led by packs of wolves to slaughter.

    It is easier to fool a man, than it is to convince him that he has been fooled.

    1. So very true.
      I remember years ago at the dining room table debating with you exactly on this issue. I think we were talking about the Chinese taking over, I can’t remember the details. But I was convinced that people would stand up and fight for their country and their freedom. But I guess not….
      Your argument was basically what you are saying above.

      Unfortunately, we are all fighting against the mainstream media who are real criminals with their untruths and disinformation and lack of information. That’s the elitists’ main weapon against us.

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