Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. (Moshe Dayan)

Maybe it was going through the madness of Covid that really made it clear to me the importance of freedom and what freedom really is.

We talk about our God-given right to be free, and this I believe is very true. But what is freedom?

What does freedom really look like?

Sure, having the freedom to voice our opinions, and freedom to choose what we do with our lives, and the freedom to ingest or inject what we want into our bodies are definitely critical components of freedom.

But at the deepest level, I believe freedom really means each individual has to be 100% responsible for oneself. This means being completely responsible for every thought, every decision and every action we make and take.

I think in today’s modern world this is something we are not taught to be or encouraged to be.  We readily blame and shame, we sue, and we lie rather than be accountable and honest.

I would say, looking back at history that it looks like we the masses have never been completely free. Does it seem there has always been a hierarchy controlling the direction in which society flows?

In today’s modern world it looks like we have readily and steadily given away more and more of our freedoms under the façade of “safety”.

What do I mean by this?

Growing up in Africa and then 40+ years living in a modern democratic socialist country, and now back living again in a developing country, I think I have a deeper understanding of what freedom means to me.

It took me years to finally grasp what it was I was intrinsically missing about Africa, and that was freedom. Most people in the modern world don’t understand what I mean about this; I came out of a country that was plagued by coups and attempted coups; how is that freedom?

The taste of Freedom

Politics was always corrupt and unpredictable in my country, but through it all, you were basically free to do what you wanted to do. There were basic rules, you stopped at red traffic lights, you drove on the right side of the road, you didn’t trespass on private property etc. etc. etc. The basic rules and laws were implemented to allow the country its ability to function. Ultimately, you were the driver of your own life and you were 100% responsible and accountable for yourself.

Parents were fully responsible for their children. The government did not have any rights to rule over parental responsibilities whether that was:-

  • Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol before you reached the said “age of adulthood and got the key to the house”,
  • Or whether you were having driving lessons at 12 years old,
  • Or going up to the bar and ordering your parents a drink, or buying them cigarettes from the shop.

None of these issues were the responsibility of the government, they all lay in the hands of parents.

  • The same went for drinking and driving
  • Or wearing or not wearing a seat belt,
  • Or whether your vehicle was insured,
  • Or whether it was safe to be on the road.
  • If your parents allowed you to sit in the back of a pickup, there was no law against that. These were the responsibilities of the parents.
  • The art of suing people was unheard of. You were accountable for your own actions, and so was everyone else.

You were responsible for the thoughts, decisions and actions that you made, and so was everyone else; that is our gift of freedom; to learn and grow from our choices and our mistakes; it’s our birthright.

In today’s modern world all these responsibilities have been taken away from us, apparently in the name of “safety”; government controls it all.

I have a question here.

  • Are we not capable of keeping ourselves safe?

Here is another question.

  • With all these rules, does this prevent people from breaking the rules; does it prevent catastrophes from happening? You may argue that it helps prevent catastrophes. Maybe and maybe not, how can we tell?

I see a couple of things transpiring here

  • I see a society freely giving up its rights to make decisions for itself in the name of safety.
  • I see society becoming numb due to not having to make decisions and taking responsibility for their decisions.
  • There is a third “possibility” here and that is our modern democratic creation could be at the core of the trending depression crisis the modern world is facing.

Check out this podcast by Dr. Chris Martenson. He has a podcast called Peak Prosperity and he covers a range of in-depth topics. All his topics have undergone extreme research. This podcast is called “Your children are under attack”, it’s quite thought-provoking.

What’s coming down the pipeline?

Let’s look at the newer freedom we are about to lose, the ability to drive our own vehicles. The self-driving vehicles, which they tell us, will make the roads a much safer place. This is a reality on the horizon which has not been tested in society, yet they insist the roads will be safer.

Let’s see what this could look like: – you’re in your vehicle and you’re daydreaming or texting, or working on a report, or sleeping, or worse, drunk; you’re preoccupied, you’re not focused on driving. Something goes wrong with the computer, or it could be another vehicle in distress, either way, a crisis arises and your mind is miles away. Those split seconds that could save your life are gone. You are not in control; you are not at the wheel of your own life. You have given that freedom away.  

I don’t believe it is possible to make life “safe”. We can try and make it as safe as we can, but ultimately we cannot control life outside of ourselves, there will always be people who will break the rules. But we can work at controlling our own lives which requires us to be totally responsible for ourselves; this is our foundation.

Major hijacking springboard

Covid of course was a prime example of where our freedoms were hijacked. We were told we had to stay indoors, wear masks, social distance and have the vaccines. Any freedom to make our own decisions on any of this was seized and the majority of us just complied. There were no questions asked, in fact, one felt threatened to ask any questions. We were instructed to “trust and follow the science”.

How did they, our leaders and scientists, manage to have such success in getting the masses to conform? Through fear; so much fear that it blocked any rational thinking. If nothing else, this should be enough of a wake-up call to show us how we can be manipulated to give up our freedom in the name of “safety”, or any other reason.

I can hear the chatter; it was the right thing to do. It was right to give up our freedom in order to protect the masses.

We all have our opinions on this topic, some are for and some are against what happened; this is not a topic on the truth of Covid.

But what did happen here was that the mass population went straight into a fear mode which was so great that there was no questioning anything. We just complied with what we were being told to do. Most people didn’t do any research other than listening to the mainstream media in order to try and understand or get a deeper feel for what was going on. If you were one of the outsiders that did question any of the decisions made, you were, and still are, shut down; you were/are blamed for spreading miss or dis-information. You were/are cast out from the mass tribe of believers.

We’re all born free spirits and then slowly we get shut down. It’s time to break free, reclaim your free spirit, celebrate it and thrive”. (Free Spirit unleashed).

The fallout

The fallout from this has been tremendous for society. The intolerance, the accusations, the disowning, and the pain of it all have sent the mental health of society into a greater crisis than Covid.  This has been a great example of the damages that can arise when each unique individual’s freedoms are not respected and accepted.

We don’t know yet what the real outcome and cost are from the consequences of the decisions made in facing this pandemic. What we do know is the economy is in shambles, the mental health trauma of the world has escalated, the vaccines have not solved the Covid issue, and neither have we had any acknowledgment from our scientists and leaders yet on the deaths and health repercussions from these untested vaccines. We are aware that the health of society has disintegrated, and poverty has dramatically increased along with staggering inflation which is suffocating the majority of us.

What now?

Now, as we come out of our homes and back into the world of living again, we face a new world. Suddenly there is a new energy around us. We are hearing a lot about the “Woke” culture or “Cancel” Culture, the World Economic Forum, and the powers of the World Health Organization. We are hearing phrases about “The Great Reset”, One World Order, “build back better”, and “you will own nothing and you will be happy”.  (

  • Then there is the greater control of the government over free speech and what they claim is miss or dis-information,
  • or the government has the power to shut down bank accounts if you don’t agree or comply with the government’s protocol,
  • or you’re arrested and beaten if you demonstrate over something the government does not agree with.

Not only is this not allowing one’s freedom, but it also is so un-democratic.

Here is an interesting podcast by the well-known Russell Brand with some insight into what is being discussed at the Davos conference. It’s another example of how our freedoms are disappearing. we(

The above descriptions are my observation on the loss of our freedoms, the loss of our abilities and our rights to be responsible for ourselves. I don’t know, has society reached a place where we are happy to hand over our responsibilities and just follow orders from above in the name of safety? Do we not believe that we are capable of making our own decisions, controlling our own lives, and growing up to be responsible adults?

Freedom versus control

I understand that it’s risky, but I think giving up our freedoms and our responsibilities in the name of “safety” can end up being far riskier. We cannot be complacent and believe that the powers in control know best. How is that possible anyway when you have almost 8 billion “unique individuals” roaming the planet?” The only way for the powers above to control us all is to force us all to comply with what those powers demand of us. Really, is that what you want, to be controlled? It may be fine for some if life flows in the direction you want, but what happens when it suddenly doesn’t? You have no say, you have no control anymore. You gave your freedom away to comply with the “greater good”. What is the greater good and who has the power to make those decisions?

Here is something I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around.

I’m hearing that in some universities they are actually debating whether there is such a thing as freedom of speech! How can we live without free speech unless we are all controlled to say and claim the same thing? This is very scary. Without free speech and free thinking, how do we evolve and expand and create new things, new inventions? How does life move forward freely for us all? I find it absolutely insane that we have reached such a place to question whether free speech is a reality.

As I say, we cannot be complacent and leave everything up to Government, and now it seems there are world leaders making decisions that will affect our freedoms.

If freedom means anything to you, I think we need to take a serious look at this World Economic Forum (WEF) and its visions of what they want. For a start, I don’t believe any of us have voted in any leaders of the WEF and the elitists who are running this show to be our supreme leaders in this new world order. I don’t believe any of us have even been asked our opinions about this new direction they plan to take us all down.

“Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it” – (Albert Einstein). I wonder why that is?

An emotional and thought-provoking podcast by Jordan Peterson on finding balance and fulfillment by being responsible. (

Can we live without so much government control?

Is there an alternative way to live a freer life with 8 billion “unique individuals” trying to navigate their way safely through life? I believe there is, but I will go down that rabbit hole in another blog as this one is long enough.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading my thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of this.


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  1. Great initiative Frannie. A very timely topic and good thoughts during this challenging period. Look forward to reading more.

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