Tumbling Down a Topsy Turvey Road

Tumbling Down a Topsy Turvey Road

Cultural Conflicts, Can We Avoid Them Through Greater Understanding Of Our Cultural Differences?

Today’s Cultural Tourism is primarily a one sided experience; visitors are entertained and hosts are the entertainers. The New Tourism says “let’s share the entertainment”. It’s sort of like a pot-luck adventure of cultural sharing discoveries.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the world and all of us in it are tumbling down a topsy- turvy road. World problems seem to be increasing rapidly whether it’s climate change, conflicting world politics, homelessness, rising costs, terrorist attacks, the refugee crisis, just to name a few. We are all in this together, but instead we live in our own bubble and accept what the powers above tell us.

If you have an idea that may help our tumbling world just a little, don’t you think it’s worth sharing?

Well, I’m stepping out, and that’s why I am here, to share a vision I have that may have some positive impact on society. This may just help bring a little stability to a world that feels slightly wobbly.

Having a tourism background, I see a valuable opportunity through Cultural Tourism in reaching out and connecting with our worldly brothers and sisters. By using this niche as a vehicle, I believe we can start to help bring some stability and peace to our planet through sharing our traditional and cultural ways with each other.

Today’s Cultural Tourism is primarily a one sided experience; visitors are entertained and hosts are the entertainers. Today’s Cultural Tourism is just another commodity on the market resulting in a number of negative factors. One of those factors being visitors do not generally experience an authentic culture.

Weaving Cultural Trails – a new Cultural Tourism

With a new approach to cultural tourism, I see a variety of opportunities encouraging visitors and hosts to get to know one another on a more equal and personal level allowing to:

  • Develop authentic cultural experiences through social interactions.
  • Breakdown misunderstandings and mistrust.
  • Create new friendships and open new doors to innovative and stimulating prospects.
  • Enjoy cultural sharing journeys where you will experience life that is the polar opposite to life as you know it.
  • Learn and experience ways of life that are changing and disappearing.
  • Play together in an environment of fun, laughter, curiosity and hands on learning.
  • Explore modern and old traditional ways, and weave new cultural trails as cultural transformers.
  • Build cultural bridges on foundations of “acceptance, respect, trust and equality” creating a more cohesive world.

If this tweaks an interest and you want to learn more on how to participate in something like this, drop me a line.

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