Not Primitive, Just Different Values

Not Primitive, Just Different Values

Their not primitive, they just have different values.

Today’s modern societies don’t look anything like some societies found living here on Mother Earth. But if our scientist are correct, at one point in our evolution modern day societies possibly came from similar backgrounds.

I think its really important to clarify something here, something that has confused me and bothered me during my growing up years – to-date.  I was born and raised in East Africa, Uganda, and was told that the white man, or educated man was/is superior because they had been to school and learnt how to read and write, hence creating “educated people.  As someone growing up in Africa from this “superior race”, I questioned this belief that one had to know how to read and write in order to qualify for this category. Apparently it was our responsibility being the superior race to educate these primitive peoples and to bring them into the modern world.

I don’t believe there is a superior race, there are just differences. Whose to say who is superior to whom? Does it really all rest on knowing how to read and write, knowing how to live in a world of modern day conveniences, and a world that we call democratic, is that what makes a superior race? I think we need to question that. Lets look at it from a different perspective.

Lets imagine you are lost deep in the Omo Valley (Ethiopia). Your vehicle has run out of fuel, you have no more water or food, you are dehydrated, starving, disorientated and terrified. Lucky for you, you are found by some Hamar men and are taken back to their homestead. You find yourself at the mercy of strange people with strange ways. They don’t speak your language, and they don’t relate to you at all. But this is your life line, and you have no choice but to trust them to help you find your way back to where you came from. Who now is the stronger, the wiser and more superior?

I think it’s time that we bury this concept of superior, primitive, modern and undeveloped cultures. I believe we need to appreciate and treasure our diversities, and to have an open mind and a willingness to learn from each other. 

The Hamar, Mursi, Karo and many, many more tribes throughout Africa and other parts of the world are specialists in living with the land; they have deep and personal relationships with their environment.

I believe we, modern society can learn a tremendous amount from these societies where their beliefs and customs are stronger and richer spiritually, scientifically, sustain-ably and harmoniously with nature and their environment.

I believe that with a change of attitude, together we can open new doors to friendships, find fresh and new solutions to challenges, create new businesses opportunities, and work together in unity towards peace on Mother Earth.

With values of “acceptance, respect, trust and equality” as our guiding lights, maybe we can join hands with all diverse cultures creating a new cultural revolution; a culture that flourishes on diversities; where acceptance, respect, trust and equality are the foundations of our cultural bridges.

If this tweaks your interest and you wish to join this Cultural Revolution, jump aboard and connect. This is where you can share your ideas, thoughts and questions; this is for us all.


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